Following a life long dream that originated when I was a kid, in September of 2014 I finally made the trip to Guadalupe Island Mexico to see and photograph Great White Sharks. It was one of the most surreal times in my life and it was one of the most memorable, not only for getting to check #1 off of my bucket list but also making great new friends and getting to meet and talk with one of my favorite White Shark researchers that was also on the boat. If you love these beautiful creatures and want to safely see them up close and personal I cant recommend enough going through these guys were incredible and I wouldn't hesitate to charter a trip with them again and I hope to again in the future with my wife and son.

Also I would ask if you can, help out a great organization that I believe in, to further research and conservation of these beautiful creatures by supporting I am not affiliated with them in any way I just personally think they are great people doing their part to save our ocean and its inhabitants. They also have an excellent app that you can use to track different sharks that they have tagged for research.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the photos.

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