What do you get when you’re exceptional at ‘bouncing light’? For David Knourek, the result is dynamic and impressive photographs.

Since an early age, David has had a serious interest in and aptitude for design and the arts. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, he has built a successful career in graphic design, visual effects and 3D animation with over 15 years experience. He has worked for ad agencies and various corporate clients, and completed projects ranging from graphic design for print, digital and complex 3D animation and video production.

It wasn’t until David’s son was born almost 13 years ago, that he really discovered his passion for photography. ‘Moments of a child’s life are so fleeting. I was determined to learn all I could about photography so that I could capture him and document his life and that of our family. Photography is really about painting with light which is both challenging and very rewarding,’ says Knourek.
David specializes in boudoir and fantasy photography, as well as corporate, product and architectural shoots. He has an affinity for family and wedding photography as well, and a keen ability to envision, plan and then create magnificent scenes. There is much energy, effort and forethought behind every photograph David takes. ‘I’m constantly coming up new ideas for photo shoots and pushing the envelope in what I can do with technology and graphic design. One of the most incredible shoots I’ve done, was while diving with great white sharks off of the coast of Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. Capturing these massive and amazing creatures while underwater was a thrill of a lifetime!’

When not looking through the lenses of his Canon cameras, David can be found hiking and enjoying the outdoors or traveling.


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